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What We Do

Kingery & Company believes that nonprofits, foundations and other doGooders can only have an impact if people UNDERSTAND the importance of their work - not just WHAT they do, but WHY it matters. Understanding brings ACTION - help more people, improve communities, change lives.


Years of experience has taught us that understanding begins with clarifying your message and then communicating it through planning, training and marketing, specifically with:


  • Logos (Branding systems) that convey who you are and what you do 

  • Elevator speeches that leave people wanting more

  • Emails campaigns that get opened

  • Social media posts that get liked, commented on and shared

  • Websites that make people want to learn more 

  • Presentations that bring people to their feet

  • Assessments that identify community needs

  • Strategic plans that don’t sit on a shelf

  • Training that develops strong leaders

  • Events that can’t be missed

  • Media relations that delivers front page news

  • Coalition building that drives policy changes

  • Advocacy that leads to legislation

  • Videos that stir an emotional response

  • Photography that captures a moment in time

  • Fundraising campaigns that exceed goals​

How We Do it
Kingery & Company practices a relationship-based communications consulting approach. We believe people come first. Relationships connect people. Working together, we can do so much more to help each other and our community.

Why We Do it

We love West Virginia - the hard working, kind people; dedicated, passionate nonprofit organizations; and mountainous, resilient communities.

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